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Blogger finds a Bug in TMNet Billing System!


Jayce wrote:

Hey… Check this out. After income tax e-filing personal data being leaked issue, here come Telekom TM Net. Malaysia Boleh!!!

By changing number randomly at address (find out yourself), you can see others TM Net bill. Cool huh? I just discover that I am the one that pay the bill every month promptly.

woah…this is huge…did anyone else try?


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US$100M as Commission for Sale of 3 Submarines?


[pic source]

from Malaysiakini:

The Defence Ministry has denied having paid a Malaysian-owned company US$100 million (RM370 million) as a commission for a multi-billion ringgit deal involving submarines.

Lim alleged that a company run by political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda had received athe lucrative commission. The latter also heads a think-tank specialising in defence and strategic issues.

According to Lim, Abdul Razak was roped in to strike the RM4.1 billion deal between the government and a French-Spanish joint venture, Armaris.

Under the deal, the government would, among others, purchase two Scorpene submarines (left) and a Agosta submarine from Armaris.

woah…does this sound like a major conspiracy or what? First, the Altantuya Murder, now the US$100 million commission?

btw, anyone knows how to become a submarine salesman? I want to be one =P


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