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Singapore Does Everything Better


John wrote:

Malaysians have an annoying inferiority complex when it comes to Singapore. Most Malaysians fall into two fallacious categories; they either believe that we should emulate Singapore as much as possible, or that we should avoid emulating it to the greatest extent.

This petty childishness of course has many root causes. But one cause, sad to say, seems to be that Singapore does everything better.

Of course, the “patriotic” Malaysians are up in arms now. “What?!” they indignantly ask. “How dare he say that Singapore does everything better than we do!”

But it’s an unfortunate fact of life. The Singaporeans outdo Malaysians in virtually every arena. No matter where you look, Singapore is, in everyday parlance, kicking Malaysia’s ass.

Probably more for the non-bumis. Must-read.


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