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Funky fare for Muslim fashionistas


JAKARTA (Reuters) - Mention the words Islamic and fashion and most people think of big black burqas or shapeless chadors.

But a fashion show of Islamic clothing in Indonesia on Tuesday shattered the stereotype, as dozens of models sashayed down the catwalk in outfits that complied with Muslim tradition but also oozed funk and flounce.

“Muslim fashion should not be identified with long black scary attire, but Muslim women can appear in nice, trendy, up-to-date fashion,” said Musa Widyatmojo, supervisor of the Indonesian fashion designers’ association.

“Indonesia is a trendsetter for Muslim fashion followed by Malaysia.”


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Another pre-travel ponder


dhevi77 wrote:

I always get a little nervous before getting to Malaysia. No matter how much i try to prepare myself, I just am not. The more I think of the notion of “returning”, the more I feel isolated from the reality of it.

And then there are the usual mistakes and misunderstandings that constantly underline my existence there - the misconception by everyone, no matter what race or background, that I’m Malay, not Indian - and therefore by default, that I’m Muslim, not Hindu.

Hence, my nose-piercing gets stares, as does my uncovered head, growing sinfully lustrous hair. I’m too fair to be Indian ( as per the horrifically stereotyped notion in Malaysia that all Indians are the colour of charcoal ) but too well-spoken to be Melayu-mari. Many taxi drivers jump to the proud conclusion that I must be ‘kacukan’, or to be less elegant, ‘campur’ - of mixed parentage. Despite my polite ( and these days plain bored ) efforts to say otherwise. One even went so far as to try and convince me that my parents must be of mixed breed ( operative word being convince ).

Sometimes, we are too quick to judge and categorise people not knowing that stereotype in Malaysia is scary to some…


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