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Malay insecurity/superiority


Jeffrey wrote:

On this particular day though, the conversation somehow shifted to the subject of “Malay rights”. Again, I can’t remember what brought that up or what conclusion we all came to, but I do remember someone saying something like, “Of course the Chinese and Indians aren’t happy about our rights and I don’t blame them. But I’ll fight to keep our rights.”

Let me first say that none of my cousins are racist bastards. They’re smart, streetwise, hardworking, good people with not a xenophobic bone in their body. Furthermore, this conversation took place many years ago, and minds can (hopefully) change as people become wiser. We’re not as close as we used to be, but I’d stand by them today.

I brought this up after reading the comments section of Haris Ibrahim’s blog (more on that later) to make a point about just how damaging the New Economic Policy has been to the Malay psyche.


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Coke-drinking Orang Utans!!!


The lesson learned in this Orang Utan Encouter was about Sharing. To share is to Love!

There was this “generous, caring and love to share” guy in Zoo Negara the other day. He had his soft drink in his hands. Either he couldn’t finish the soft drink, or he was pity with the Orang Utans and worried their malnutrition. He decided to share it with the Orang Utans.

He threw his half-finished soft drink to the Orang Utans. Naturally the Orang Utans were overjoyed. The big one was smart, opened the drink and finished it in no time, and the Malayasian was proud of his act. After all, to share is to love - one good example of Nilai Nilai Murni Yang Bagus !

I’m not quite sure if the boy is sarcastic or not. But it sure sound like he did…lol


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