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“Love Conquers All” Preview


Swifty wrote:

As I sat through the film, I grew increasingly satisfied that the earlier predictions I made in Suanie’s car were correct. This film would be a slice-of-life film, and for me, the film’s biggest appeal was its accurate depiction of Malaysian everyday life. The streetside mamak stalls (Indian restaurants opened for 24 hours), the ‘economical rice’ stall (a 20+ Chinese dishes were displayed for customers to choose for their rice), the guy who would interrupt you in a restaurant to sell you lottery tickets, the pasar malams (the night markets where lots of stalls were set up to sell cheap wares, clothings, food etc.), a Chinese family sitting together watching soap opera, a mom helping her young daughter with her homework.

It was Kuala Lumpur of the 80s, before the advent of mobile phones, computers and Internet, when all distant phone calls were made through public phones, and a young girl would check her mailbox everyday for a letter from a pen pal. Portrayed for what it really is, without being romanticized at all for Movieland.

My review of ‘Love Conquers All’, an independent Malaysian Chinese film by female director Tan Chui Mui that won an award at the Pusan Film Festival. Went to the preview, thanks to Suanie, yesterday. Support local films!


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