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Parliamentary Response to Corruption: Tidak Cerdik….Bodoh Bodoh Bodoh!!!


via theStar:

Lim questioned why Nazri, who was in charge of legal affairs, could not say anything about the investigations. Nazri said he could not reply on behalf of the Attorney-General because that would be seen as trying to usurp his powers.

“Malaysia cannot become a successful and developed country if such people (Lim) are in the House. Why are you so bodoh (stupid). Sit down, Sit down!” Nazri shouted at Lim and several AP MPs who began to stand up to argue with him.”

At this point, shouts of bodoh flew between both sides of the floor.

Wow, is that the most intelligent sentence our ministers can come out with?


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Sexist MPs: Jesters of Malaysia’s Parliament!


via Asiaone:

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia’s law minister on Friday defended two ruling coalition legislators who were accused of being sexist for making a remark about a female opposition lawmaker’s menstrual cycle.

On Thursday, Parliament Speaker Ramli Ngah Talib also rejected an opposition motion for disciplinary action to be taken against the two legislators, Bung
Mokhtar Radin and Mohammed Said Yusof, from the ruling National Front coalition.

Law Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz told The Associated Press that such remarks were “part and parcel of parliamentary debate,” and women should not be
treated with more sensitivity than men.

“This is a debate. People play with words,” he said. “As long as there is no ill intention, we should allow for it. Otherwise parliament will be very boring.”

I wonder what happened to the PM, does he know these guys have corrupted the sacred place where we construct our laws? What about the other BN MPs, are you guys as sexist as these ppl as well?


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