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Don’t Feel Flattered if Ppl Calls You A Tai Chi Master!!!


Ichi the Killer wrote:

In Malaysia, however (not sure about other Asian countries as well), apart from the above we have an alternative meaning for Tai Chi. If someone says you are a classic Tai Chi Master, do not feel flattered and thank the fella, especially if it’s your Boss or colleague saying it to you. Why?

Because it means that you are very clever at pushing aside jobs and responsibilities and basically avoiding being accountable for anything at all, even if that something falls directly under your area of responsibility or supervision. A true alternative Tai Chi Master is able to avoid and push aside all manner of dirt and recriminations thrown at him/her and make it stick onto others, so that he/she comes out smelling like roses.



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Funkiest Car in Malaysia belongs to a Retiree!


via Singapore Car Forum:

Fuel injection twin turbo! 10 exhausts!

Introducing the most powderful car in JB (and some say Singapore), the Volvo 164.

lol…this cracks me up!


Some extra content from SARA!

Pictures [Malaysia]