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Funkiest Car in Malaysia belongs to a Retiree!


via Singapore Car Forum:

Fuel injection twin turbo! 10 exhausts!

Introducing the most powderful car in JB (and some say Singapore), the Volvo 164.

lol…this cracks me up!


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Guide to Johor Bahru (JB) Slangs


WOOAHHH (Adjective)
1. To express shock, disgust, irritation, joy, cluelessnes and just about anything at all
Elaine: Henry Seely is mine loh, woah
Steph: What, mine ok? Woahh
Elaine: Mine la, WOAHH
Steph: Don’t fight with me k? WOOAHHH!
Instead of being used at the begining of the sentence, it is usually used to end, maybe to end the conversation on a high note….

GG sia!


Some extra content from SARA!

Pictures [Malaysia]