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Just 19.9 Minutes…6th Quickest!


via NST:

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians spend an average of 19.9 minutes when they make love.
Hardly the stuff romance novels are made of, they ranked sixth quickest in the world in terms of time spent in a love-making session.

However, if it’s any consolation, the average time spent is above the global average of 18.3 minutes.

India’s lovers were the world’s quickest, spending only 13.2 minutes per session.

Nigeria once again topped the ranking on a leisurely 23 minutes.
Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Australia were all well below the world average time.

haha…at least we beat 2 of our neighbours =)


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Hong Kong passes NYC in attracting IPOs


via AP:

HONG KONG - Hong Kong surged past New York this year and became the world’s second most popular place after London for companies to float new stock listings.

The city’s amazing success was due to several factors, analysts say. Being next door to mainland China’s booming economy was a huge help. Tough new U.S. accounting rules have discouraged many companies from listing in America.

Perhaps most importantly, Hong Kong benefited from a new trend that involves the rise of regional markets, diminishing the importance of places like New York. With the help of powerful computers and increasing liquidity, capital can easily zoom around the world, scouting for the best investments.

London was the world leader for IPO equity raised, with $48.92 billion raised, according to the World Federation of Exchanges. Hong Kong was second and the
New York Stock Exchange lagged back in third with $33.61 billion, according to the most recent WFE figures, which included the January-November period.


Some extra content from SARA!

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