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Malaysian Forests Better Off Destroyed…


David wrote:

Money vs. Life - The Cancer of Money-Begetting-More-Money at Any Cost

The problem is this: a predatory global financial system, driven by the single imperative of making ever more money for those who already have lots of it, is rapidly depleting the real capital - the human, social, natural, and even physical capital - on which our well-being depends . . . the money system becomes like a cancer that consumes its host and ultimately destroys itself.

During a visit to Malaysia some years ago I met the minister responsible for forestry. In explaining Malaysia’s forestry policy he observed that the country would be better off once its forests were cleared away and the money from the sale was stashed in banks earning interest. The financial returns would be greater. The image flashed through my mind of a barren and lifeless world populated only by banks with their computers faithfully and endlessly compounding the interest on the profits from timber sales.

This article is pretty old, but somehow I found it while surfing. I wonder if his Malaysian experience is real? Not too long ago, I think there was a Pahang guy who said it’s more profitable to hold on to our forests than to cut them down…


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