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Malaysia - Where Computing is Cool for Girls!!!


Rapeepat Jumnongjit wrote:

In Malaysia an education in computing is popular with girls and computing is considered a suitable career for women. In Norway, however only few girls choose computing as major subject. It is often said that a girl at a computer is like a fish out of water. The question that is often asked is: Is it the girls or the subject that there’s something wrong within the problem which must be addressed?, and must be changed? This has, at times become quite a politicised debate, Lagesen points out.

didn’t know this…I thought it’s still quite a male-dominated scene?


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Callgirl Confessionals: Uncovering the real business in Asia


During my meal, I caught a conversation amongst a group of Filipina females speaking in Tagalog which was very odd given that we all were in Malaysia. We first exchanged basic information – names, city of origin, age and then occupation. My occupation of a “businessman” came out without any confusion. Hers, however, was a little vague when she mentioned she worked “here” and pointing to the dance club district with her finger. As vague as it may be, I let it be and decided to continue in our friendly banter. We spoke about the great places in the Philippines (Boracay & Cebu). She then went into her complex world of where she had been in the last 5 months….

I’ve read about this stuff in books and watched the situations go wrong in those serial killer stories, but it wasn’t until this evening that I was able to get a first-hand account of it. These girls live interesting lives. They live day-to-day. They live on the edge. You have to wonder what life they had to leave to realize that this was the better option for them.



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