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Light through the haze


via Straits Times:

Untypical candour shown by the Environment Minister, Mr Rachmat Witoelar, will encourage hope that Indonesia is beginning to be seriously focused on tackling the pollution after the stern Asean-level intervention of three months ago. Mr Witoelar discussed coping measures before the Jakarta foreign correspondents club this week, thereby guaranteeing publicity for an issue which this year generated more dissatisfaction than usual in Singapore and Malaysia.

Not only that, he did the remarkable thing of asking Indonesia’s neighbours for two years’ forbearance before they could expect to see improvement. Was this chutzpah or realism?

There would be disagreement over whether the people of Southeast Asia would care to endure even another season of the choking carbon and methane clouds, or if he was being realistic talking of cleaning up the environmental degradation in a short period of time. By his admission, the problem had developed unchecked in Indonesia over 30 years.

At least something’s being done…and let’s hope they’ll be some results. Seriously I don’t even mind paying like RM50-100 every year to help the cause if they really need the money.


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