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Malaysia under the Rule of Extremists.


emmanuel83 wrote:

“Christmas trees banned.”

Kuala Lampha, Wednesday- Shoppers and business owners today were baffled when officials from the religious department started tearing down Christmas trees from shopping centers and confisticating the trees that were for sale.

Apparently, they were not aware of a new ruling out effective yesterday banning all Christmas trees and similar decorative items for Christmas.When asked on that matter, JAKIM head had this to say “Nonsense, of course we gave them ample warning.4 whole hours. This was aired on ALL government run radio channels not once, but twice at 4.00am and 4.30am this morning.This is just some vile propaganda by the evil missionaries who wanted to baptize a million Muslims last month.”

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department clarified “Not all Christmas trees are banned.We allow posters and pictures of Christmas trees to be placed as long as they do not exceed 2 feet by 2 feet in size.They can place it on fridges and decorate it with magnets.”

Funny post…go read it!


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