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Just 19.9 Minutes…6th Quickest!


via NST:

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians spend an average of 19.9 minutes when they make love.
Hardly the stuff romance novels are made of, they ranked sixth quickest in the world in terms of time spent in a love-making session.

However, if it’s any consolation, the average time spent is above the global average of 18.3 minutes.

India’s lovers were the world’s quickest, spending only 13.2 minutes per session.

Nigeria once again topped the ranking on a leisurely 23 minutes.
Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Australia were all well below the world average time.

haha…at least we beat 2 of our neighbours =)


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Should Christians Emigrate?


via journalynne:

According to the 2001 census, at least 35 percent of Malaysian immigrants to Australia were Christians. This is a highly disproportionate figure in view of the fact that Christians form only 9 percent of the Malaysian population.

This is, of course, part of the wider problem of the emigration of many skilled professionals from the Third World to the West. The resulting brain drain of some of the best and brightest, and the consequent damage to the economy and society, is a well-established fact.

The damage is also felt at the church level. Most of us can easily draw up a long list of people who were or could have been playing key roles in the Church in Malaysia, who have left the country over the last 30 years. For those who are seriously contemplating emigration, the issue is often a sensitive one.

To emigrate or not? Discussed here from a Christian point of view.


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[pic says “Europeans Only” on the bench, found in Apartheid Museum]

I have never noticed that there is such a “huge” racial issue back home. I thought most of the people are just accepting the fact. I am not politician, I am not those with tons of passion to spare too. So, I will just be quiet and enjoy my durian when I am in Malaysia.

The relationship of Malay and Chinese in Malaysia is at least not as bad as the relationship between Australian and migrants! At least Malay do not randomly curse Chinese on the street like those xxx australian do! Malay do not scream at Chinese and said, “You fxxxking Chinese go back to China!” I wonder which country has the worse racial issue here. I am a Malaysian. I am not ashamed of being born in Malaysia. I am not saying that the politics is stupid that letting Malay have all different benefits. New generation of Chinese get over the barrier and achieve in their lives. Not sulking there and complains about the statistics!

Malaysian Chinese gets worse treatment in Australia compared to Malaysia?


Some extra content from SARA!

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