December 3, 2006

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Why most people think Malays are racists

Erna wrote:

In West Malaysia, 70 percent of you consider other races ‘aliens’. Malaysia doesn’t suck…West Malaysia sucks. The only time you really get along is in Yasmin Ahmad commercials. And in a way, I’m a racist. I believe that most West Malaysians (except maybe the people I call friends) have absolutely no idea what REAL tolerance is. Most of you ‘tolerate’ other races with the ’saya tak kacau kamu, kamu tak kacau saya’ maxim - (I don’t give you shit, you don’t give me shit)

Malaysia’s going to the dogs. You can’t blame it on the government - blame it on people like Ibrahim who think the world revolves around them or their God. It doesn’t. In this world, we are given the choice to love and respect other people, to feel compassion for all humanity - not just people who have the same blood/race/religion/economic status/citizenship.

Well, everyone’s a racist to a certain extent ain’t it? I’m a Chinese and this is what I’ve gotten since living overseas at a young age:

At least over here in Malaysia unlike the West, we don’t get teenagers who walks past you in the malls/streets and shouts “F*cking Chinks” or “F*ck you Asians”, or little boys who point the middle finger at you or grown drunk men who encircle you & dance around while chanting “Chink, Chink, Chink”. At least over here unlike China, no one labels you a “Chinese mongrel”, “descendant of exiles”, etc.



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I guess its not that most people think Malays are racists… but most people think that other races outside of their own race are racists… and this small thought actually makes themselves racist in a certain degree..

Comment by ZeMMs — December 4, 2006 @ 2:02 pm

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