December 7, 2006

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Secret of Family Love: Lullabies!!!

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Islamic authorities in a Malaysian state believe they have found the secret of family love, women singing lullabies to their children and husbands.

The government of Kelantan, the only Malaysian state to be ruled by an Islamic fundamentalist party, will organize this month a lullaby contest to find the mother who can best induce sleep in her children and husband with songs, The Star newspaper said Thursday.

The contest aims to promote family togetherness according to Islam’s tenets, especially in homes with two working parents, and to improve young wives’ mothering skills, Kelantan state Women Committee chairman Abdul Fatah Mahmud was quoted as saying in The Star newspaper.

“It shows that the family comes first in the lives of everyone here,” Abdul Fatah said.

What if the judges also fall asleep listening to all the lullabies?…lol, or even the audiences…


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