November 15, 2006

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No Racial Discrimination in Malaysia: Singapore’s PKMS

Blueheeler wrote:

a S’pore-based Malay opposition party PKMS (logo pictured right) is attending the UMNO meeting as ’special observers’…PKMS said something that really threw me: PKMS Youth chief Mohd Jairzinno said “there is no racial discrimination in Malaysia”. Oi…. You need help with your eyes ah???

PKMS is just being opportunistic in wanting to get more support from S’pore Malays, so they can say whatever they think can get them a few brownie points. But come on… saying that there is “no discrimination” in Malaysia is like saying that “fried food is good for you”.




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But of course, lard laden hokkien mee is also good for your heart!

Comment by stupe — November 15, 2006 @ 10:17 am

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