November 23, 2006

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62% Malaysian Women FAT!!! 48% Men =P

The MySoN (Malaysian Shape of the Nation) survey shows that:

  • Malaysia has the most number of fat people in the Asean region.
  • During the last 10 years, the number of fat people in Malaysia has more than doubled, resulting in more Malaysians falling ill with diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.
  • 48 percent of Malaysian men and 62 percent of Malaysian women are fat.
  • Malaysian Indians are the fattest at 63.4 percent followed by Malays (53.5 per cent), Chinese (50.8 per cent) and others (45.2 percent).
  • 13.5 percent of the Malaysian adult population is diabetic, compared with only 8.3 percent in 1996.

This happened sometime ago, but it’s kinda funny…lol…


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