July 9, 2007

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Of Being Polite and Courteous in Malaysia

Miss Belle wrote:

Richard could not remember.

All he knows is that he had been conned. He offered the 2 foreigners a lift to their enquired destination. He was trying to be a polite, friendly and courteous Malaysian as summoned by all the mass media of the nation. Apparently, the 2 foreigners put a spell on Richard. Richard couldn’t recollect on what happened after he invited them onboard.

Richard was ordered to drive home, take all his fixed deposit bank statement, drive to the bank and cash out all his life savings. And that life savings is joint account with Sarah. So all that was their family’s saving. Next, he drove them to the bus station to drop them and he went home. When he got home, he was still unaware of his wrongdoings. He came conscious after a few moments with only splitting images of what had happened.

With such thing happening in Malaysia, how can we be expected to be polite and courteous? After all, the chances of getting conned like this is much higher than meeting a genuinely “lost” tourist, isn’t it? Would you or would you not take the risk and continue being polite?



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