May 27, 2007

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Married But Available (MBA)…

Sunflora wrote:

One of the current hot topics is about the possible existence of a certain “album” containing pictures of women who are interested in looking for a spouse. That bit wasn’t that interesting. Rumour has it that THE album was shown and seen by certain MBAs. No not those with the Masters in Business, rather the Married but Available variety of men.

Rumour has it, some women have banned their husbands from going to the house where THE ALBUM is kept.

I for one, am tempted to approach the owner of the album myself, to ask to view it. Not that I am interested in looking for a wife, no. But rather to see if the album really exist or if it is merely an urban legend.

…this has to be the most interesting blog in the Malaysian blogosphere so far!



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