April 18, 2007

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VT Massacre: Chaos & Sensationalism

via ReCom:

I love how harian metro “pusing” my account…[Harian Metro: Bunyi Tembakan Bertalu-talu]

0. “Hujan peluru” was nowhere near me
1. Nobody was screaming, we were all well behaved.
2. There are only 5 of us Malaysians here
3. I was in my lab doing research when this happened, not on the way to lectures.
4. I heard dull “pops”, not loud “bangs”
5. I never called the cops, there was no need to. They were all over the place.
6. I was in no position to hear screams for help from Norris Hall, the doors were shut and almost airtight.
7. Police did not knock on my door. I got emails from the university to leave and go home.
8. All I said was I wanted to get some “sleep”, when did that translate to “vacation”?
9. I was never a target.

Lots of exaggeration! Just to sensationalize and dramatize the story…

A Harian Metro journalist sensationalised the story told to him by a postgrad student in Virginia Tech, Brendan Chan and some bloggers are bashing the Malaysian media now. Well, over here in the US, it’s gone to a worst state, where an Asian American gun enthusiast was wrongly accused of the shooting, where his blog was even broadcasted on Gerado, a TV talkshow on one of the US TV channels resulting in alot of racist comments on the guy’s blog. Anyway, now that the picture’s out and the main culprit identified, everything’s kinda in the clear now, except for the reason for the massacre. All I hope for now, is that there won’t be any backlash against the Asian community here in the US.


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